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Optimal cooling structure

Optimal cooling structure

It is crucial to guarantee precision of each molded part in the manufacture of ultra-precise molds.
When being considered the ideal pours in resin into the mold, it is optimal that a mold temperature is set up to the same extent as resin temperature, and resin cools quickly after filling completing to a mold.
Furthermore, after completion of the ultra-precise molds, the mold performance and molded components of all molds are checked on our in-house trial manufacture molding machine.

Optimal cooling concept

  • Establish cooling environment required in accordance with volume of resin used.
  • Calculate required flow volume, required cooling capacity and required pressure for temperature controlling equipment.
  • In the mold, ensure a balanced layout for the cooling environment (distance, cooling hole size etc.) drawing heat from resin.
  • Use heat conductive steel in places where layout of appropriate cooling environment is difficult.
  • Create cooling circuits using 3D cooling and pressure welded construction.

Utilizing hot runners

Utilizing hot runners

Utilizing hot runners in molds enables not only the shortening of the mold cycle but also a reduction in volume of resin consumed.

Fuji Seiki has a wealth of experience in hot runners.
We can provide the optimal hot unit in accordance with the resin used and shape of molded component. Furthermore, manifolds for hot runners are manufactured in-house.

If our recommended hot unit is different from the customer’s specified hot unit, we decide upon negotiation.
Depending on the resin material used, we offer mirror polishing processing of the inside of hot unit.

Utilizing multi-cavities

Utilizing multi-cavities

By increasing the precision of dimensions of cavities, filling balance between cavities is improved, enabling a lowering of resulting injection pressure.
In this way, more molded products can be taken from existing molding machines.

Furthermore, we design compact molds, ensuring a rigidity which can withstand injection pressure in the limited mold space.
However, it is not simply a matter of layout, consideration must be given to appropriate steel material, heat treatment and surface treatment.

At Fuji Seiki we improve the precision of each part, and can replace cavities which are in undefined positions.

Customer opinions

Injection mold manufacturer (Osaka)

By increasing the cycle and multi-cavities, we can integrate production onto one molding machine instead of the two we were using up until now.

Comment from supervisor at our company

Yano: You can see the excellence of Fuji Seiki’s cooling technology just from the appearance !!

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