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High cycle (high performance) precision molds

precision mold

In order to produce high cycle molds, we design and produce appropriate cooling circuits based on data accumulated over the years and our unique cooling design. Furthermore, by switching to a hot runner and eliminating a runner, it is possible to eliminate unnecessary runner cooling time for the molded component.

In order to achieve a high cycle, we take the customer’s perspective and propose precision molds for thin walled molded components and shortening of the mold cycle.

Long life

Long life

We manufacture precision molds which can sufficiently withstand long life molding, by our mold design focusing on rigidity of the mold. There are many points to consider in achieving the manufacture of a highly durable long life mold.

  • Appropriate gate position and runner shape using CAE in order to ensure forming at a low injection pressure.
  • Appropriate surface treatment (coating etc.) on operating/vibrating parts.
  • Utilization of SUS materials which are not prone to rust, as well as surface treatments with a variety of results.
  • Selection of appropriate steel materials for the type of resin used.
  • Design of appropriate gas escape shape and position in case of gas generated by resin.

We will reduce the total cost of precision mold manufacture by reducing frequency of maintenance and repair.

Design of precision molds using 3D printer/CAE

Design of precision molds using 3D printer/CAE

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Using 3D printer

Fuji Seiki has acquired a 3D printer to allow us to make the image of the product under development more real when showing the design of the development to supervisors and other people involved in the product development.
In addition, it is possible to reduce test piece cost as it is no longer necessary to manufacture test pieces.

Using CAE

Using flow analysis, it is possible to test for non-conforming mold product in advance. Advance testing of runner and resin filling balance in multi-cavity molds is possible.

Design and manufacturing technology of ultra-precise molds

Design and manufacturing technology of ultra-precise molds

Fuji Seiki’s ultra-precise mold manufacture integrates design and manufacture. We propose designs which guarantee parts precision and manufacturing implements a Design Review to seek further improvements in precision.

Furthermore, for die set mold precision, we implement the same degree of control of dimension precisions as other mold parts.
We design molds using structural analysis of mold strength required for molding of molded components with the required precision, and after manufacture the precision molds are inspected by checking against measurement data.
Ultra-precision is essential for mold parts of parts for molding precision molded components and we control measurements to the sub-micron level.

Our inspection system is a twofold inspection system as first of all the processing technician implements their own measurement in the processing machinery, and this is followed by measurements by specialist inspection staff using 3D measuring apparatus, circularity measuring equipment and other high precision inspection apparatus.

Technology Development

Technology Development

About technical developments we are actively pursuing

  • Joint development on a variety of hot runners
  • Measuring technology for ”Profiling cam forming” (patent pending)
  • Mold design technology utilizing CAE
  • Development of forced gas release equipment (product name: black hole)
  • Compression mold inside mold (effective for molded components with thick walls, effective in regulating internal stress)
  • Molds for thin-walled molded components (preform technology)
  • Molds for cylindrical molded components (preform technology)
  • High precision 4-axis processing technology

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

It is crucial to guarantee precision of each molded part in the manufacture of ultra-precise molds.

We use a diverse range of measuring equipment and only parts which have passed the final measurement by measurement engineers are incorporated in the mold.

Furthermore, after completion of the ultra-precise molds, the mold performance and molded components of all molds are checked on our in-house trial injection molding machine.

Customer Support

Customer Support

We also conduct joint development of products (molded components), drafting product (molded component) drawings and manufacturing trial molds utilizing CAD/CAE (various analysis) on behalf of our customers.

We have 9 trial manufacture molding machines from 75T to 450T, so we can depending on the requirements of our customers, we can offer support for small lot manufacture of molded components.

We can also offer support of specialist staff for start up of molds when molds are delivered.
We can also hold study meetings at our company, and in for maintenance which invariably becomes necessary during mass production, molds can be sent back to our company for maintenance or we can also visit customers to give instruction on maintenance.

Customer opinions

Injection molding manufacturer (Osaka)

Once manufacture is started up, the frequency of problems is extremely low, and the molds enable a continuous stable production which is unmatched elsewhere, and furthermore, although it is a multi-cavity, there is no deviation between cavities and we have succeeded in simplifying quality control on the production line.

Comment from supervisor at Fuji Seiki

Inoue: We have accumulated results and knowledge built over time in the manufacture of a diverse range of molds for a variety of industries, and our company is imbued with a spirit of seeking new challenges. We look forward to hearing the inquiry “you can make this kind of precision mold, can you?”

Tochika: We are confident in the wealth of experience we have accumulated in resin materials and product shapes. Furthermore, recently various kinds of analysis using CAE can be done in advance and we can utilize this to give advice on product shape. We aim to be a company our customers rely upon!

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